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What are the main characteristics of heavy shelves?


Heavy shelves are widely used in the storage industry. Because they have the characteristics of large bearing weight, low cost and wide storage range of applicable goods, these characteristics are well known. Therefore, today we will mainly introduce other characteristics of heavy shelves.

1. Structurally, the heavy-duty shelf is a combined shelf with simple and clear structure. It is composed of columns, beams, cross braces, diagonal braces, connecting rods and other components. Even the heavy-duty shelf with large specifications and strong load capacity is related to these structural components. The key points to increase the load-bearing capacity of the shelf include the cross-sectional geometry of columns, beams and supports, The materials used and the connection mode between components. Heavy shelf does not need too many supporting devices, which is very convenient for disassembly and installation.

2. Heavy shelves can be customized to meet the storage conditions of goods with different shapes, sizes and weights. The height of the shelf can be adjusted at will. The enterprise can adjust the position of the beam according to the height of the goods, so as not to waste shelf space. In addition, heavy shelves can be used in a single group or in a combination of main and auxiliary shelves. Enterprises can customize according to the actual storage situation to maximize the utilization of storage space.

3. The categories of heavy shelves include beam shelves, high-level heavy shelves, narrow roadway shelves, double deep shelves, etc., which can meet the use under different storage environments and expand the warehouse capacity.

4. The load-bearing capacity of heavy shelves is more than 500kg. The specially customized heavy shelves can reach the load-bearing capacity of 2 ~ 3 tons, which can be used by enterprises in most cases. 2 ~ 3 pallet positions can be placed in the cargo space of each unit. The general forklift can meet the loading and unloading of pallet goods, and can realize the fast access of various pallets.

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