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Seven Safety Use Items of Heavy Shelf


Shelf is the most frequently used in the logistics and warehousing industry. It saves space and is convenient for storage. It is a good storage tool. So how to use it correctly? Spieth summed up seven precautions for safe use. Let's get to know.

1、The shelves are generally treated with surface treatment during use, but it is still necessary to pay attention to moisture-proof and avoid shelf rust, especially the interface position of the shelves. Special attention should be paid to it, which is very easy to rust, so it is better to wipe it frequently when there is moisture.

2、Pay attention not to overload the shelves. Each shelf has a certain load-bearing capacity. This has been designed when designing the shelves. So we should pay attention to it in use at ordinary times. It's better not to overload it. Here we will talk about the purchase of heavy shelves. According to our actual situation, we should purchase light or medium shelves Design it before you buy it.

3、The size of the goods shall not exceed the height and width of the shelf, and the size of the pallet and goods shall be less than 100mm of the size of the shelf.

4、Avoid the goods hitting the shelves, so the goods should be handled with care.

5、We should follow the principle that the bottom of the heavy goods shelf is heavy and the top is light, that is, the bottom is heavy and the top is light.

6、Pay attention to the selection of card board, do not use the card board with unqualified quality.

7、When goods are stored on the shelf, personnel shall not enter the bottom of the shelf.

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