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Seven Key Points in The Installation of Attic Shelves


Loft shelf because of many parts, complex structure, in the installation process need to spend a lot of effort. Here summarizes the essentials of some loft shelf installation, which can simplify the complex procedures of loft shelf installation. Let's have a look.

1:Lighting. Lighting is an essential equipment of the attic shelf. In the installation, the position of the lighting must be adjusted, and the dead angle of the lighting in the attic can not be left. If the position of the lighting in the drawing can not cover the attic shelf, the installation personnel need to manually adjust the position of the lighting. Lighting installation, need to wait until the attic shelf installation is completed, all shelf display is completed, and finally installed.

2:Stairs. In order to facilitate the installation of attic shelves, installing attic stairs first can reduce the cost of installation time. It is suggested that the movable stairs can be installed first. Welding fixed stairs, you need to install the attic shelf after the completion of installation, to avoid the channel distance deviation, the stairs can not be installed normally.

3:Laminated shelves in the attic. Loft shelves will not be stored separately. Usually, in the storage environment, the upper layer of loft shelves will be equipped with laminated shelves. The installation of laminate shelves can only be carried out after the completion of loft planking and welding.

4:Structure orientation. Loft shelf positioning is the most basic and the first step. The blank space should be reserved according to the actual situation. Similar to the through shelf, the column is installed first, and then the beam is grafted. Or a column and a beam alternately.

5:The chemical bolt is stable. After the column and crossbeam are installed, chemical bolts need to be used for drilling immediately. After drilling the chemical bolts, you need to wait about 10 minutes before installing the loft shelf parts.

6:Planking installation. The installation of planking is relatively easy. After the installation, multi-point welding is needed to ensure that the laminate will not produce friction or moving sound after being squeezed. Therefore, the installation personnel need to continuously debug during the installation.

7:Installation of parts on the ground floor of the attic. The installation of parts at the bottom of the attic is usually carried out after the completion of the overall structure of the attic, and can also be adjusted by itself.

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