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Introduction to drive in rack


Drive in Rack are one of the many types of storage shelves, and are also a common type of bulk purchasing industrial shelves. We use through shelves mainly because of the characteristics of its intensive storage of goods. For small and large quantities of goods, Forklift can be used for more centralized and efficient access operations. Compared with other shelves, through-through shelves have certain structural particularities. How to use through-through shelves scientifically may not be understood by many people. What details should be paid attention to during use?

Drive in Rackis its more formal name, but from a different perspective, we can also call it drive-in shelves, corridor shelves, if you look at the use of shelves and the operation of forklift inventory, I think It is more suitable to call it into the shelf. When using it, the Drive in Rackis different from the beam-type shelf. Its cargo pallet is placed on the inner side of the guide rails on both sides. Cargo location.

The structural characteristics of the Drive in Rack determine its usage. Due to the "through corridor" characteristic of the shelf itself, the forklift can be driven straight into the interior of the shelf for one-by-one operation. Generally speaking, when inventory and shelf When the forklift enters the shelf, the whole load of goods is placed on the shelf in order from the ground, until all the continuous storage positions are used. According to the positive layout characteristics of the warehouse, different types of through shelves can be installed.

Although the through shelf has its own advantages, everything has two sides. When we use the through shelf, we also need to pay attention to some issues. In the stage of designing and customizing the shelf, we should determine the most accurate shelf based on the aggregated goods. To produce materials, further optimize the shelf manufacturing scheme to ensure that the shelf can withstand various storage tests.

drive in rack

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